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A selection of DIY Scaffold Alarms & Camera's for use in and around many types of Scaffolding.

A selection of DIY Scaffold Alarms & Camera's for use in and around many types of Scaffolding.

With the cost of hiring Scaffold Alarms rising and with Insurance Companies increasingly demanding they are used, we at Ultra Secure Direct have put together a range of Security Products including Wireless Alarms & Camera's designed for easy DIY Installation.

These Alarms can then be moved from site to site saving on future rental costs.

We have a selection of systems designed to suit different applications and budgets ranging from:

Solar Powered Wireless Perimeter Scaffold Alarms: these alarms consist of pairs of Solar Powered Wireless Beams that can be positioned up to 100 metres apart from each other (with different sizes available) which then transmit back to a Wireless Receiver or Solar Siren (or both) up to 900 metres away (this can be doubled by using a signal repeater).
The Receiver can then be used to trigger GSM Auto-Diallers  & Sirens. The Solar Powered Beams also have a charging port which allow you to top up the charge in the batteries between sites, or left plugged in should they be fitted behind scaffold netting and sheeting.

Battery or Solar Siren Alarms: these alarms consist of a Battery Powered (smart) or Solar Charged (XL) Siren that doubles up as the Control Panels, and are armed & disarmed using Remote Controls or Keypads. There are then a selection of Wireless Detectors (most customers use the external wireless PIR's) that signal back to the Siren. In the event of an activation the Siren will be triggered, these type of Alarms are very simple and easy to install, popular with small areas of scaffolding, an ideal DIY Scaffold Alarm.

Battery Cameras: we have battery powered camera's that can record short lengths of video onto a built in SD Card when movement is detected out of hours, we also have versions that will also send an MMS Picture to your mobile phone when movement is detected around the Scaffold together with taking the video recording.

IP CCTV Camera's: for sites using mobile broadband routers and have access to power, we can supply simple to fit Camera's that will email you when movement is detected prompting you to log into the live footage of the Camera's via an APP.

Battery GSM Alarms: we have the very affordable UltraPIR Alarm which is hidden inside a standard scaffold light, these PIR's are powered by 3 x AA batteries and it will call your mobile telephone when movement is detected. The PIR Alarm can be fitted within a few minutes, and can be used in conjunction with Camera systems. Couldn't be more simple & quick to Install in and around Scaffolding.  

Wireless Driveway Alarm: our Dakota DCMA Wireless Driveway Alarm can be used to make an ideal Alarm for some Scaffolding applications, the PIR's powered by a 9v PP3 battery are very easy and quick to fit, and very sturdy, useful for fitting behind netting and sheeting.

If you can't see a system to suit your application, please ask because we are constantly looking for new idea's and may be able to make a system up for you. 

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