Shed Door Alarms 

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Shed & Garage Door Alarms

Shed & Garage Door Alarms

Some customers want an Alarm with only Magnetic Contacts & Vibration Sensors to protect their Shed or Garage, some customers want Door or Window Contacts together with a movement sensor inside.

They are also popular with customers who are worried about False Alarms caused by small animals or the weather.

The Magnetic Contacts are supplied with a Magnet, and are designed to be fitted onto the Door/Window or Frame with the Magnet being fitted onto the adjasent part.

They need to be fitted so both parts are nearly touching when the Door or Window is closed, as soon as they are opened they will trigger the Alarm Panel.

You can also add Vibration Sensors to vulnerable Doors & Windows which will activate the Alarm if someone attacks them, this is popular as it can result in the Alarm being activated without an Burglar actually gaining access.

We also have options for Weatherproof Door Contacts for customers worried about having damp sheds, and options for Floor Pressure Mats which can be very usefull located just inside the Entry Door.

We have many types of Alarms which can be made up to meet your personal requirements, please contact us for advice. 

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