Siren & Buzzer Panic (SOS) Alarms  

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Wireless Panic (SOS) Alarms with Sirens & Buzzers.

Wireless Panic (SOS) Alarms with Sirens & Buzzers.

Ultra Secure Direct have a selection of Wireless Panic Alarms that will activate a Siren, Buzzer or Flashing LED (or combination of all) in the event of being triggered in the event of a Security or Medical Emergency.

Many customers have no need for the Alarm to call key-holders by Phone or Text Message as they would only ever need the Panic Alarm when other members of Staff are present inside the same or nearby building.

The duration of these Sirens will vary between systems ranging from a few seconds up to continuous until a member of staff resets the system depending on your requirements.

The operating distance between the Panic Buttons and Control Panel will vary from 100 - 1000 metres depending on the chosen system, please contact us for advice if you are not sure.

The systems are designed for easy installation, and in nearly all cases can be fitted by your general maintenance staff or contractors and even members of staff in most applications.

A selection of Wireless Panic Buttons can be chosen including:

  • Wall or Desk Mounted Models.
  • Wristband Models.
  • Lanyards.

Common applications are:

  • Interview Rooms.
  • Lone Workers.
  • Reception Workers.
  • Banks.
  • Offices.
  • Chair or Bedridden Persons.

If you cannot find a system to suit your exact needs, please contact us as we often build unique systems for our customers.

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