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A selection of short Videos designed to help Choose & Use your Wireless Smart Alarm.

A selection of short Videos designed to help Choose & Use your Wireless Smart Alarm.


Choosing the correct Wireless Smart Alarm System for your application can be easier than you think, the video asks a few basic questions (listed below), once answered you will normally know which system you need:

  1. What Detectors do you need ?, you can have a selection ranging from PIR's, External & Internal Door Contacts, Vibration Sensors, Water Detectors, Pressure Mats, Water Detectors, Smoke Alarm Detectors etc.
  2. How many Detectors do you require ? (there are no limits to how many you can use).
  3. Have you got easy & safe access to a power supply for the internal Control Panel ? (if not you may want to use the Battery Powered Wireless Siren, Flashing Strobe with built in Control Panel), if power is no problem you would normally choose an internal Control Panel.
  4. What do you want the internal Control Panel to do?, they all have a built in Sirens, User Keypads, Chime Facilities, 8 Channels & similar operations, but you can choose between the basic control panel, control panel with a built in Telephone Auto-Dialler (needs to plug into a telephone extension socket, and will call you by telephone when activated), or the GSM Control Panel (uses mobile phone technology and will contact you by text message and telephone when activated).
  5. Do you want an External Siren ? 
  6. Do you want a Decoy (dummy siren box) ?


Once you have chosen your Alarm, you need to understand how to program and use it, this selection of videos covers the most common questions.  

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