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Warehouse Intercoms

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Warehouse Intercoms

We have a selection of Wireless Audio Intercom Systems designed to help you to safely & easily communicate with a visitor, and in many situations be able to open a locked gate or door.

Our best selling Wireless Intercom is the UltraCom with an impressive wireless range of 600 metres
It has the following Features:

  • Can be powered by Battery or 12v DC from a Transformer or Circuit Board.
  • 600 metre Operation Wireless Range.
  • Optional External Aerial (for fitting on the back of a gate post).
  • Multiple Handset Options (which will also communicate between each other).
  • Two Caller Station Option (front and back gates).
  • Secure Push to Talk Handset.
  • Will Release a Door or Gate Lock.
  • Digital Screen (UltraCOM3 Only).

If you need advice about which Intercom suits your specific application, please Contact Us for Friendly, No Obligation Advice

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