Warehouse Long Range Wireless Doorbells 

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Warehouse Long Range Wireless Doorbells

Warehouse Long Range Wireless Doorbells

Our Wireless Bell Systems are designed by our customers looking for a wireless bell system for their Home or Business, that actually works.

These Wireless Bell systems can be utilized to suit nearly any type of situation, ranging from a simple door chime to activating loud sirens, bells or flashing lights & even triggering telephone auto-diallers.

They work as follows:

  • The H/D Push Button is fitted into the most suitable location (outside or inside an office or entrance).
  • The Push Button is connected by 3 metres of Cable (which can be lengthened upon request) to the battery powered Long Range Wireless Transmitter.
  • There is a choice of Receivers, Bells & Siren which are powered by a plug in Transformer.
  • The signal from the Transmitter to the various Receivers is 900 metres (line of sight) which equates to around 400 - 600 metres in most applications, this can be more than doubled by adding one or more Signal Repeaters to the system.
  • Multiple Receivers, Bells & Sirens can be used with any system.
  • You can also add multiple Push Buttons & Wireless Transmitters.

These Long Range Bell Systems are ideal for Commercial use, or for applications where traditional systems fail to operate, please Contact Us with any questions.

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