UltraDIAL Battery 3G GSM Vibration Alarm Kit

Battery 3G GSM UltraDIAL Vibration Alarm Kit.

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A Battery powered 3G GSM UltraDIAL Vibration Alarm Kit supplied with 2 x Remote Controls & 1 x Wireless Siren, the Alarm will contact up to 3 x key-holders via Telephone & SMS if triggered. 

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A Battery powered 3G GSM UltraDIAL Vibration Alarm Kit supplied with:

  • 1 x Wired Vibration Sensor (300 mm of cable, which can be lengthened upon request).
  • 2 x Remote Controls (used to arm & disarm the alarm).
  • 1 x Wireless Battery Siren.

The Alarm will contact up to 3 x key-holders via Telephone & SMS if triggered, together with activating the Wireless Siren. 

Designed for use in applications where you want an activation before a Door or Window has been forced open or someone has entered a room, examples could be:

  • Back of a Parked Van.
  • Gun Cabinet.
  • Highly Restricted Room.
  • Garage.

How it Works:

The UltraDIAL 3G Auto-Dialler is powered by 3 x AA Lithium Batteries (plug in power supply) can be added if there is power available) and is fully weatherproof (IP66) and is ideal for use in the most remote locations (provided there is a mobile phone signal available). 

The Wired Vibration Sensor (supplied with 300 mm of twin cable, which can be extended upon request) and is connected into the UltraDIAL and is fitted onto a sensitive location by suitable methods, the options are numerous including:

  • Two Screws or Nuts & Bolts.
  • Magnet.
  • Double Sided Tape.

Fixing accessories are not supplied due to the fact that there are many ways to fit the Vibration Sensor. 

The Vibration Sensor is very Sensitive and is for Internal Use Only.

If the Vibration Sensor is triggered (whilst the UltraDIAL is Armed), the UltraDIAL will  covertly contact up to three key-holders by Telephone (with your pre-recorded message) & SMS (either can be turned off if required).

The Siren will activate but the UltraDIAL would normally be silently and safely hidden away.

Other Uses:

This UltraDIAL can also be used as an Intruder Alarm using various Wireless Detectors & Sirens which can help share the investment, the options include:

  • Wireless Door Contacts (007-0260).
  • UltraPIR set to Silent and not using the SIM Card function (007-1150).
  • UltraPIR with Hood set to Silent and not using the SIM Card function (007-1400).
  • Indoor Battery Siren (007-0230).
  • Outdoor Solar or Battery Siren & Strobe (007-0221).
  • Standard PIR (007-0200).
  • Standard PIR with Hood (007-1410).

Contacting Key-holders:

The Alarm will contact between 1 & 3 key-holders (depending on how you have chosen to program the alarm) by Telephone & SMS (either can be turned off during programming) when activated.

It will normally take take between 30 - 60 seconds to call the first key-holder as the Alarm sits in sleep mode to preserve the batteries, this would be faster if powered by a plug in transformer or usb cable (it will also vary between different mobile phone networks at that given time).  

Recording Message:

You can record a 30 second message into the Alarm, which will be replayed to the key-holders when the Alarm calls them.

Arming & Disarming:

The Alarm is Armed & Disarmed by using the Remote Control from up to 100 metres away, up to 9 Remote Controls can be used with each Alarm. 
If the Alarm is powered by the external 5v power source, then it is possible to Arm & Disarm the Alarm via SMS (text message).There is a 30 second Exit Delay built into the Alarm for easy use.

Receiving a Call:

When the Alarm calls the key-holders, there is the choice to:

  • Listen to your pre-recorded message and do nothing (the alarm will contact the other key-holders).
  • Listen to your pre-recorded message and press # on your telephone (this will disarm the UltraDial and prevent it from calling further key-holders).
  • Listen to your pre-recorded message and press * on your telephone (this will prevent it from calling further key-holders, but keep the Alarm fully armed), ready for further activations.

Wireless Sirens:

This Alarm Kit is supplied with a Battery Wireless Internal Siren, which will make the sound whilst the Covert UltraDIAL silently calls the key-holders without an Intruder knowing:

Additional Sirens can be added including:

Easy Programming:

It is very easy to program, probably the easiest GSM Alarm to program on the market today by using the small built in keypad, following some very simple instructions.


The UltraDIAL is fully weatherproof and rated at IP66, but the Vibration Sensor is for Indoor Use only.

Low Battery:

The Alarm will send the primary key-holder a SMS (text message) if the batteries are getting low.

Mains Power Failure:

When the Alarm is being powered by an external 5v power supply, it will send the primary key-holder a SMS (text message) in the event of a Power Cut together with another when the power comes back on (provided you also have batteries fitted).  

Security Screws:

The lid is fitted with 4 x security screws and a tool is supplied as standard.

Covert Branding:

Due to the fact that we believe this Alarm should be used as a Covert Alarm and hidden safely away from sight and reach whenever possible, we have kept the branding low key. 

SIM Cards:

The Alarm uses a standard size SIM Card (PAYG or Contract), please be careful with some PAYG Contracts as they can remove your outstanding balance at the end of every month even if it hasn't been used, or cancel the Card with no notice if it hasn't been used.
Because of this we do offer a Roaming (M2M) SIM Card for customers purchasing our alarms (at pure cost) because they are designed for use in Alarms, full details of these can be found (HERE), you will see the option of adding a SIM Card next to the Add to Cart Button.
If you purchase your own, you note you do not need Data when asked.

This is a very versatile Security device ideal for locations with limited access to Power, designed by Ultra Secure Direct.

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  • 1 x UltraDIAL GSM Alarm.
  • 2 x Remote Controls.
  • 3 x Lithium AA Batteries.
  • 1 x Manual.
  • 1 x Tool.
  • 1 x Wired Vibration Sensor & 300 mm of Cable.
  • 1 x Battery Internal Wireless Siren.


  • Battery Power: 3 x Lithium AA Batteries (supplied).
  • Battery Life: 6 months in most applications).
  • Main Power: Yes (optional 5v DC plug in transformer).
  • Programming Method: Easy Built in Keypad.
  • Wireless Transmission Range: 100 metres.
  • Size: 160 (L) x 82 (W) x 42 (D) mm.
  • Colour: Black.
  • Wired Inputs: Yes (1 x Volt Free N/O or N/C).
  • Cable Entry: 2 x Glands.
  • Wireless Inputs: Yes (Wireless PIR's & Door Contacts).
  • Wireless Outputs: Yes (Internal & External Sirens, PIR's).
  • GSM: Yes (3G).
  • SIM Card Required: Yes (standard size).
  • Calls Key-holders: Yes (maximum of three, which can be turned off).
  • Sends Key-holders SMS: Yes (maximum of three, which can be turned off).
  • Built in Siren: No (designed as a covert alarm).
  • Mounting Method: 2 x Screw Holes in Flange.
  • Weatherproof: Yes (IP66).
  • Arming & Disarming Method: Remote Control, Keypad, Receiving A Call.
  • Remote Operation on Battery: Yes (# to Disarm, * to Stop & Remain Armed).
  • Remote Operation on Mains:  Yes (# to Disarm, * to Stop & Remain Armed, SMS to Arm, SMS to Disarm).
  • Power Failure Notification: Yes (when used with a plug in transformer).
  • Weekly Status Report: Yes (can be turned off).
  • Low Battery Notification: Yes (to primary key-holder).
  • Recording Message: Yes (this will be replayed to the key-holders when the alarm calls them).

Vibration Sensor:

  • Sensor Type: Vibration.
  • Size: 45 x 27 x 20 mm.
  • Cable Length: 300mm.
  • Cable Type: 2-core.
  • Output: N/A (going closed).
  • Internal Use: Yes.
  • External Use: No.


  • Built in Siren: Yes (130 Decibel).
  • Power Supply: 2 x AA Batteries.
  • Working Wireless Range: 100 metres (line of sight).
  • Operation With: PIR (E007-0200) & Magnetic Contact (E007-0210).
  • Size: 63 (W) x 85 (H) x 21 (D) mm.
  • Colour: Cream.
  • Siren Duration: 60 seconds (but remains fully armed).

Remote Control:

  • Operating Range: 100 metres (line of sight).
  • Arm & Disarm Function: Yes (BT, UltraPIR & UltraDIAL Alarms).
  • SOS Function: Yes (UltraDIAL).
  • Size: 65 x 40 x 12 mm.
  • Key Ring Slot: Yes.
  • Battery:1 x CR2032H.
  • Pairing Button Location: Inside Battery Cover.
  • Colour: White & Black.