Wireless Lock Down Alarms

Wireless Lock Down Alarms from Ultra Secure Direct

Wireless Lock Down Alarms from Ultra Secure Direct

With the world getting no better, with Violent Crime & Behaviour getting more prevalent in society, it is becoming more common to introduce 'Lock Down' Systems to help protect our Children, Patients, Staff & the general Public.

These locations may include Schools or Workplace, but can include many other types of applications.  

The principle of the Alarms are that if a Panic Button is activated in a dedicated location or locations (which may be the Reception to a School, Office or Surgery etc), a Wireless signal would be transmitted to chosen locations to warn Staff to round everyone up and Lock the dedicated Doors, and remain there until they are instructed to leave.

The Warning can be in the form of a Siren, Bell or Flashing LED (this can be adjusted to suit your application and needs), the systems are bespoke designed, but also designed for Easy & Quick installation.

Being Wireless, the systems can also be used to connect temporary classrooms to the main school, ideal for when the School has building work in progress and Teachers and Children find themselves inside Portacabin Classrooms.

Another benefit if having Wireless Lockdown Alarms is that many Schools actually have walls with Asbestos present, these walls just cannot be drilled and in some cases cannot be touched.

The systems would normally latch on a Buzzer or Flashing Strobe Light in the desired locations, with Staff instructed not to even consider leaving the location until these have stopped.

We can build systems with multiple Receivers and Multiple Panic Buttons to suit your needs.

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