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Optional Rechargeable Power Pack for the Solar Powered Perimeter Beams

Optional Rechargeable Power Pack for the Solar Powered Perimeter Beams

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Optional Rechargeable Battery Power Pack to help power the Solar Beams for dark environments (under trees, behind north facing walls, inside barns etc).

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We can now offer optional Rechargeable Battery Power Packs for use with our Solar Powered Perimeter Beams.

These are designed for helping to power and maintain the Solar Beams in either:

  • Very busy locations (hundreds of activations per day).
  • Dark locations such as:
    • Under a large Tree.
    • Behind a large North Facing Wall.
    • Inside the Entrance to an Open Barn.
    • Inside a fully enclosed Building.

Please Note: The plastic enclosure slightly varies from the Image !! 

The Power Pack will operate the Beams for approximately 750 activations before needing to be recharged, the Beams will also still have their built in Batteries and Solar Panels.

When the Power Pack needs charging, you simply unclip and remove it from the weatherproof container (no tools required) and take it to the charger (3-pin charger supplied), whilst the Power Pack is being charged the Beams will operate normally being powered by the Internal Batteries.

For locations inside buildings near to a power supply, you could even keep the Power Pack permanently connected to the Charger.

This Power Pack is ideal for these few installations where you are not sure that the Solar Panels will cope with the location of the Installation.

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  • Rechargeable Power Pack.
  • 3-pin Plug in Charger.
  • IP67 Plastic Box.
  • Snap Cable Connectors.

Power Pack:

  • Connection to Beams: 90 degrees Push Connector.
  • Cable Length to Push Connector: 1.2 metre (could be lengthened upon request).
  • Charging Method: Remove from IP67 Box (simple connector inside box), and take away to Charge with Charger supplied.
  • Charging Time: Approx 6 - 8 Hours.
  • Beam Operation: Approximately 750 Triggers before Charging required.

Storage Box:

  • Material: Plastic.
  • 200 x 170 x 100 mm.
  • Weatherproof: Yes (IP67).
  • Lid: Hinged with Snap Connector.