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Coffin (Fold-away) Security & Parking Posts:

Coffin (Fold-away) Security & Parking Posts:

Coffin Posts are Fold Down Security/Parking Post which are designed to be totally flush to the ground when not in use.

They are supplied with a mounting tray with a hinged lid (which is buried horizontally just underground), when the Post is not required it simple folds into the Tray with the lid closing over the top.

When the Post is required, the hinged lid is unlocked (with a key supplied) and the Post raised into the upright position and the hinged lid locked back down into position.

These Posts are ideal for customers who need a Post which is Flush to the Ground when not in use (allowing for safe passage of pedestrians and vehicles but:

  • Have services or pipes underground (preventing the use of standard telescopic posts).
  • Have a high water table (preventing the use of standard telescopic posts).
  • Do not have digging tools for a typical Telescopic Installation.

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These are sometimes called Fold-away Posts.

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