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Posts, Bollards & accessories designed to reserve your Parking & Secure your Vehicles & Premises plus Ground Anchors & Bike Racks.

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Posts, Bollards & accessories designed to reserve your Parking & Secure your Vehicles & Premises plus Ground Anchors & Bike Racks.

Parking Posts & Bollards:

These Posts & Bollards are primarily designed to help you preserve your valuable Parking Spaces or Driveway, they can be supplied in many different Styles & Colours varying in Strength & Cost.

Security Posts & Bollards:

These Posts & Bollards are designed more for you to help protect your Vehicles & Premises, they may be fitted in front of your valuable Car parked on the drive, or fitted next to your up & over garage door where you have valuable equipment stored inside. These can also be supplied in different Styles, Colours, Locks & Strength.

The Metal Posts & Bollards are often used in Driveways as an Anti-Theft device for customers Vehicles or to prevent unauthorized Parking.

The Posts & Bollard can be split into four main groups, each group then have many variations in Size, Strength & Lock Types available, the groups are:

  • Fold Down: (normally the easiest to fit, slightly lower cost & popular as a Parking Deterrent).
  • Removable: (quite a strong type of Post, no worries about underground services when fitting & popular as both Parking Deterrent or Security together with very good value for money).
  • Fully Telescopic: (these are by far the strongest type of Post or Bollard available, the principle is that there is more material underground as opposed to what is above ground, they do take more time for the installation but the first choice for Security).
  • Static: (these Posts & Bollards are fixed into the ground & are often used in conjunction with matching models from the groups above, it may be you have a wide area that you need to secure but need access through some of them, in these cases a run of Static Posts or Bollards with a few matching Fold Down, Removable or Telescopic models mixed in.  

Removable & Telescopic Posts & Bollards leave a flush ground finish when not in use, the Removable models are stored away from the ground spigot (boot, garage or secondary spigot) with a hinged lid completely covering the access hole, the Telescopic models slide into the ground leaving a totally flush finish, both resulting in No Trip Hazards ideal for locations with Public Access or locations where you have very low Vehicles or tight access making it necessary to drive over the Post. 

There are other Posts & Bollards we supply including Automatic models operated with Remote Control from the Comfort & Safety of your vehicle to Chain Posts which are a combination of various Posts with lengths of Steel or Plastic Chain (popular covering wide areas with fewer Posts).

The Posts are sometimes referred to as:

  • Car Park Poles.
  • Anti-Theft Posts & Bollards.
  • Metal Driveway Posts.
  • Car Posts.
Manual or Automatic:
  • Manual Parking & Security Posts are by far the biggest sellers, this is probably due to the very affordable costs and installation costs.
  • Automatic, most automatic bollards you will see in a City Centre will be very high costs and need to be professionally installed to cover rules and regulations, however we now have a range of battery powered posts that are very affordable and suitable for DIY installations, please see full details within this site or contact us for advice. 


We also have a selection of External Signs & Window Stickers stating that the Parking areas are Private or Restricted which are a popular addition to a purchase of a Post or Bollard.

Post & Bollard Accessories:

We have a range of accessories available including Locks, Padlocks, Chain, Eyelets & Labels to help with your purchase or maintenance of your Posts & Bollards.

Ground Anchors:

We have a selection of Ground & Wall Anchors designed to help you lock valuables down with.

Bike Racks:

We have a selection of Bike Racks to help your Staff & Customers safely store their Push Bikes.

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