Sale! Remote Control Battery Automatic Parking Hoop Barrier

Remote Control Battery Automatic Parking Hoop Barrier

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Remote Control Battery Powered Automatic Hoop Barrier with built in Siren to help preserve your Parking space (Sorry, Temporary Out Of Stock)

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Remote Control Battery Powered Automatic Hoop Barrier with built in Siren to help preserve your Parking space.

You can operate the Hoop Barrier from up to 50 metres away using the Remote Controls supplied.

The Hoop Barrier is powered by 4 x Standard 'D' Type Batteries (supplied) and will operate the Barrier for approximately 1500 times before needing to be replaced (this equates to over a year for 4 operations per day).

The Hoop Barrier is very simply to Install, using 3 x Concrete Bolts (supplied) through the base, the top mounted steel lid is locked into place by a rear mounted lock. If you want to install the Hoop onto Tarmac, we would recommend addiing Tarmac Bolts, ref 001-0990.


The Hoop Barrier is not locked into the upright position, but if it is physically moved it will trigger a built in Loud Siren together with Automatically returning to the upright position.

See Video Tab Above showing two very short Video's:

  1. Operation using Phone.
  2. What happens if the Hoop is manually forced.

No Cables to Lay, No Electrician Required, Ideal for DIY Installation !!

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  • 1 x Automatic Hoop Barrier.
  • 2 x Remote Controls.
  • 4 x D Type Batteries.
  • Power Supply: 4 x D Type Batteries.
  • Operation Method: Remote Control.
  • Typical Battery Life: 1 Year (4 operations per day).
  • Operational Distance: Approximately 50 metres (line of sight).
  • Installation Method: 3 x Bolts (concrete bolts supplied).
  • Colour: Yellow & Black.
  • Built in Siren (standard operation): Yes (1 second chirp when reaching the up and down positions).
  • Built in Siren (non standard operation): Yes (siren activates if the hoop is forced over, followed by the hoop returning to the correct position).
  • Height When Up: 400 mm.
  • Height When Down: 80 mm.
  • Base Size: 460 (w) x 200 (d) mm.
  • Overal Size When Down: 460 (w) x 380 (d) x 800 (h) mm.