Sale! H/D White 100P Removable Parking & Security Post

H/D White & Red 100P-K Removable Parking & Security Post with Top mounted Eyelet (001-4510 K/D, 001-4500 K/A)


Heavy Duty White & Red Removable Parking & Security Post, supplied with a top mounted eyelet, a locking padlock and ground spigot. When the post is not is use a hinged lid covers the ground spigot making it safe for pedestrians and vehicles to cross.

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Heavy Duty White & Red Removable Parking & Security Post, supplied with 1 Top Mounted Chain Eyelet, these Heavy Duty 100P-K Removable Posts are locked firmly into the ground spigot by a Padlock, the ground spigot has a top mounted hinged lid to completely cover the access hole over when the Post is not in use (ideal for locations where the general public & staff are passing by).

100P White & Red Top Mounted Eyelet

Supplied in good Bright White quality powder coating and stand 830 mm when in position.

100P Bases

The ground spigot is 200 mm deep and is fixed into the ground using a dry mix of cement, ideal for all types of applications including block paving, gravel, tarmac & concrete.

100P Base

When the Post is not in use it would be stored away in a nearby building or vehicle boot, although a lot of customers will purchase a second ground spigot (Spigot can be purchased here)and have this fitted to the side of the access just to store the Post.

100P White Top Eyelet Dimensions

The top mounted Chain Eyelet is designed for use with lengths of Chain or Rope.

We can offer a No Parking, Reserved or Disabled Labels upon request (please contact us for advice).

Also available are reflectors for additional visibility for vehicles, white (001-2420), Orange (001-2430), Red (001-2440). 

Reflectors for Security Posts

These posts are great value for money, they are strong & tall, easy to maintain, perfect for locations that could be prone to pedestrians or vehicles being at risk to objects left in the ground, or locations that were unfit for fully telescopic security posts due to underground services.  

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  • 1 x White & Red 100P Removable Parking Post.
  • 1 x Padlock & 3 Keys.
  • 1 x Ground Spigot. 
  • 1 x Eyelet.
  • Post Height (above ground with eyelet): 830 mm.
  • Package Height: 1045 mm. 
  • Steel Box Section: 70 x 70 mm. 
  • Steel Gauge: 3 mm.
  • Spigot: 200mm Long.
  • Padlock: Yes (3 keys).
  • Keyed Alike Available: Yes.
  • Weight: 8 Kilo.
  • Colour: White & Red.
  • Eyelets: 1 (top mounted).
  • Eyelet Colour: Stainless.
  • Internal Diameter of Eyelet: 15 mm.